About the artist



My name is Holly Ertter and I am a skilled artist.  I have studied art at both the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, also in Pennsylvania.  I am the CEO and proud mother of two adolescent children.  I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor, I'm happily married, and I live in Pennsylvania.

I was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and discovered at a young age that I needed to create.  I was the child who got grounded from crayons and paint instead of the phone and video games when I was in trouble.  My parents knew which items would hurt the most!!  I grew up drawing and painting all of the time. 

Over the past years, I have painted advertisement signs for local businesses that sponsor area softball and baseball teams for display in the outfield.   I have also created designs for events and festivities in my community for use on T-shirts.  I worked in a large shop named Country Critters in Indiana, PA  where I painted intricate  faces on dolls that were sold all over the world while attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania.    

I am best known for reproducing both pencil drawings and paintings from personal photos.  I also paint wall murals, and  make personal scissor cuttings, also known as the German art of Scherenschnitte.  I have painted images on lawn rocks, toys and furniture and  I have also created many custom creations for my customers. 

Most recently, I started a new venture called "Moscato Meetings," which are paint and wine sessions.  I teach participants step by step instruction to create a painting or craft in one session as they bring their favorite beverage of choice to enjoy (mostly wine wink).

I am a member of the Fine Art Registry and all of my creations come with a certificate of authenticity and a numbered registered tag with the Fine Art Registry.  I also belong t0 the Art Chain. 

I love a challenge and I welcome the opportunity of creating something that you will love. Please allow me ample time to make your creation because  I am a one-woman studio!  I will work closely with each customer to ensure their complete satisfaction.  Thanks  for looking at my website and considering a commission!  I look forward to creating something beautiful for you that you can cherish for a lifetime!