Some examples of my customers unique wishes

These are some examples of the custom creations that I have been commissioned to make.  They are each unique and personalized to my customers complete satisfaction.  Please view my guestbook in link on the left too see entries made by some of those customers.

These beach themed creations help these people relax in their living room while remembering a Honeymoon!

This seashell wreath was made from the seashells those customers brought home from the beach on a cherished vacation that I made for them to enjoy and reminisce on happy times!

I painted this beach scene from a photograph that those customers took while on their Honeymoon!

Customer wanted sports icons painted on their sons closet doors.

A photo collage of photos taken in secret by a customer who is a family member of the couple in the photos. The couple in the photos is new and the client wanted to give a personal gift to them for Christmas.

A daughter who idolizes her father wanted a painting done of someone her father idolized back in the 1970's.

Customer wanted a mural painted on their vehicle.

Customer wanted me to paint their lawn statue.

Customer wanted to incorporate the family name and have a Pittsburgh Steelers rock at the entrance to their home.

This was a custom graphite drawing done for a commissioning customer who had this image in her thoughts all of the time.

Close up photo of rock in above photo showing detail.

This was a commission for a customer who is an avid fisherman. He wanted a brown trout with the family name for display by the entrance to their home.

This was a commission for a customer who wanted a ceiling tile painted to hang in the nursery to match the theme of the room. The customer wanted to give this as a Christmas gift to her cousin that is expecting a baby girl. They are planning to name the baby Lauren.

Close up of the brown trout from the above mural.

A Corporate office wanted an incentive area for employees.

A corporate office was doing a blood drive and wanted a "help us reach our goal" wall.

A youth center wanted an Easter bulletin board display.