Some examples of my pencil drawings

My pencil drawings are hand drawn on bristol paper in a range of sizes from 9X12 to 18x24 with graphite pencil.  People are my most often requested subject matter, but I also do houses, landscape, animals, and vehicles.  My drawings are highly detailed and realistic.  They make excellent gifts and keepsakes for Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, Housewarming and Anniversaries.  They commemorate a deceased loved one or the birth of a new loved one.   My drawings are sprayed with a protective coating to protect them for a lifetime.  You may also order additional prints of your original drawing to give as multiple gifts.   These are just a few examples of my work. 

Customer wanted a sketched bust drawing of her daughter Ellen from this photograph.

This is my sketched bust of Ellen as my customer wanted.

Customer wanted this photo of business colleagues to be turned into a special keepsake that he also had me make additional prints of so he could give the prints as gifts.

This is my detailed drawing of Mike, Brian, and Dave.

Customer wanted this photograph of her siblings to give to her mother for a Mother's Day gift.

This is my drawing of the Springer children.

Customer wanted this drawing of an image that she has in her head constantly.

This drawing of one of the Carrolltown Volunteer Firemen (Station 51) was inspired by a photograph taken by Gregg Doll of Hastings, PA.

This is a photograph of a couple when they began dating that was turned into the drawing on the right.

This is my drawing of the newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Kilraine using the photo on the left as a reference. The drawing became a wedding gift!

This is a reference photograph of a young boy named Julian from his Birthday. His mother loved the pose and the leather chair, but did not want the presents in the portrait.

This is my portrait drawing of Julian made from the reference photograph on the left and other photographs of the leather chair to also reference.

This is a reference photograph of an old family homestead. My customer wanted to give her best friend a special gift for Christmas this year. My customer's friend grew up in this home and her mother passed away recently. The best friend lives far away from the homestead and my customer thought this would be a wonderful keepsake for her friend that lost her beloved mother.

This is my drawing of that home for my customer that she was giving to her best friend for Christmas.

This is the reference photo of a couple that was used for the charcoal drawing on the right. This couple got engaged six months after this photo was taken. It made a lovely gift for the Bridal Shower held for the couple.

This is my charcoal drawing that was given as a Bridal Shower gift for the happy couple getting married. The "Bride to Be" loved it!